Wednesday, July 25, 2012


When asked to identify "exceptional performers," often times people will name someone other than themselves. They often name someone famous, a great athlete, an actor or performer. It's hard--even uncomfortable to look to yourself and say "I have greatness inside me. The potential is there."

 I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Or more specifically what makes what separates "great" from average? When I think of truly great performers, they all have two things in common: the first--a clear goal. And the second--they know the goal, why they want to get it--and are willing to take a risk. Sometimes that goal appeared to be HUGE (I think of Roger Bannister--breaking the 4 min mile, Sir Edmond Hillary climbing Mount Everest, my friends who have wanted to go to the Olympics etc)--and even the people closest to them have said "IMPOSSIBLE!" and yet, they believed in themselves--and took risks to get there. Some risks were big (Look--people thought if you ran faster than 4 min you would explode) and some--a bit smaller (one friend of mine moved across the country--to a place she had never been and a climate she had NEVER experienced before!) to get to their goals.

These two things--A goal, and a risk--it seems pretty simple, yet it can be so challenging--you get to a barrier to your goal: Time, money, moving, kids, your job--and all the sudden: you have to take that risk--and ask yourself: is my goal worth it? Everyone I can think of who has gotten to this fabled "greatness" has said it was.

When I look at the quote above, I think it's awesome. I agree. We all have the ability to reach our own definition of greatness. It may not be climbing a huge mountain, or breaking a barrier, or going to the Olympics--it's YOUR definition of greatness! It's about setting that goal, and then knowing that when you set the goal there will inevitably be a risk to achieve it.

If when faced with the risk, you identify it, and decide the end state of your goal is worth the risk--even in the face of failure to see what CAN happen--THAT is when greatness occurs, and boundaries are pushed.

Good luck finding your greatness and taking those risks.

---This is how I find my greatness. How do you find yours?

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