Monday, May 30, 2011

Time for an update!

Wow. The blog has been non-existent for awhile!
Lots of things happening and really, I didn't have the time to keep up with the daily--okay weekly, or really monthly blogging.
So, few quick updates:
1) I was running about 35 miles a week--and I went for a long run one Saturday in the beginning of March. I felt great, it was a good run, and then by the end of the run, I felt an odd twinge in my foot. By the time I had driven home, it had grown to a pain, and by the end of the day I could hardly walk. I went to the doctor and it turned out I had a stress fracture in the 4th metatarsal of my right foot. Insert me wearing a boot for 5 weeks, and cross-training here, which takes us into April.

2) In the meantime I was also working furiously on schoolwork and completing my master's project. It was quite the stressful time I say.

3) In mid-April, I found out that some plans I had laid to continue on with my education were not going to be happening, so I reassessed my plan and really thought about working towards some of my running goals and dedicating my time towards those at this point in time. It was an interesting moment to do that, given that I was also coming off the stress fracture and cross training three days a week, while also doing the "Run-Walk" method of training which included running one minute and walking a minute--all for the whopping distance of a mile! It's kind of daunting to set a BIG goal, when you can barely run!

Fast forward to now:
I finished the master's project. It does appear I'll be graduating! (Yayy) and I've been running for about 6 weeks. I'm up to 6 miles one day 4 miles the next and no more Run/Walk (hello to the tedium on that one). Today I ran the BolderBoulder and while I didn't set any sort of PR, I did run over a minute faster than I did last year!

I ran pretty even splits with my middle half of the race being faster than my first half, with is really good for me, and I'm not that far off from some of my fastest long distance times from last season. I'm pretty happy!

Here's a quick break down of the day:
The BolderBoulder race start begins on a slight uphill start and is uphill for the first four miles. Mile five is a down grade.
Here we go:
Mile 1: 6:38.08 (out a leetle fast here, I looked at Dupree the Garmin and had a bit of a panic moment--didn't want to be cursing myself later)
Mile 2: (adjustment) 6:58.99
Mile 3: 6:57.59
Mile 4: 6:49. 17
Mile 5: 6:42. 31
Mile 6: 6:52. 59
Final Time: 42. 26. 69

My goal was to run the back half faster than the front. I was pretty close to reaching that, I'm not exactly sure what happened that last mile. It looked like I was on target according to my watch. There is a big uphill push at the very end and I wonder if was just sort of settling. It's definitely something to work on, and the first mile--too fast! Overall, I was having a fun, fun time and I felt AWESOME actually. It's been sort of a struggle coming back from the injury, legs heavy, never feeling my runs the way I want to. Today my legs finally felt like "mine." Not heavy, not tired, but just the way they have in the past, light, fast, strong. Ready to run. It was great. I also felt "on task." Not a lot of pressure, and when I would check my splits I felt as though no matter what my time was it would be okay. I knew was getting good work done. Love that feeling.

How bout anyone else who may just be checking in today? Any races? How'd they go?